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The Best Mountain Bikes Under $1500 for 2021

Our experts have tested and arranged to help you find useful and comprehensive information on the Best Mountain Bikes Under $1500. Your dream for the Best Mountain Bikes Under $1500 will come true with expert buying guides based on research as well as AI and Big Data. The list brands you can see right now: Schwinn, Sirdar, Mongoose, Kent, GJZM, ANXIANG, IMBM, SAVADECK, Hyper, RALEIGH.

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You are trying to challenge yourself through the rugged mountain roads by mountain bike, or simply your home is in the hills, there are quite a lot of steep slopes but you want to wake up in the morning and run a few laps with the best hardtail under $1500 to increase strong health. You want to equip your child with a bicycle so they can easily go to school on their own.

So, mountain bicycles and mountain bikes are not to be missed for you. We will present the best mountain bikes under $1500 that you can refer to, choosing one that is right for you and your loved one.

Buying Guides

1. Frame 

Apart from the suspended structure, the most confusing when choosing a frame is nothing but the paint color and size. The former depends entirely on your own artistic aesthetic. I couldn't help but the latter was more stressful. I believe many people choose a size of 16 inches or 17 inches. This is really just the length of the pitot tube, the data itself is very flat. For the best full suspension mountain bike under 1500 mountain bikes, especially those with an AM or higher cycling intensity, the following parameters will be extremely important!

  • Reach:

Balanced length from head tube center to five-pass center, this parameter is very important and directly affects body posture. Reaching too short will result in insufficient high-speed stability. Too long will result in inflexible vehicle control.

  • Stack:

Vertical height from center of head tube to center of five pines. This parameter will directly affect body posture. If the Stack is too high, the arm's active space will be reduced and the center of gravity will be pushed backwards. If the Stack is too short, the center of gravity will be pushed forward, making it difficult to maintain stability when downhill.

  • TT:

The straight distance from the center of the head tube to the center of the saddle, for the cycling method with long sitting like XC and Trail is relatively important. However, this year started with a long horizontal handle, short vertical handle so the choice of TT value had to be reset to the standard.

  • Cross-height:

The height of the lowest point on the imported full suspension mountain bike under 1500 frame, when playing Table, where this look, starting about a few days ago, the brains of the designers The chassis also learned to navigate. The upper beam of the chassis is no longer a straight line, the advantage of the curved top beam is that it can significantly increase the leg movement space without affecting the length of the saddle.

  • Chain distance/Chain Stay:

Straight distance from center of five through the center of the shaft, long and short chain distance will affect flexibility in operation, short is flexible, long is stable. Of course, the sprocket spacing will also randomly vary according to the pulse compression, but such advanced things will appear separately.

2. Brakes

Choosing the best hardtail mountain bike under 1500 with brakes is probably the easiest of the most important parts, just look at brake strength and brake fluid material. Oh, yes, the brakes mentioned here are disc brakes, but those who choose the mechanical brake can ignore it.

  • Wire brake disc brake VS hydraulic disc brake

It is also the wire disc and the oil disc that we often say. Their structural differences are not covered in this article, but it is very important that the hydraulic disc brakes are also driven bilaterally (with the exception of Hayes Solo in particular). Both types of best mountain bikes under $1500 with disc brakes are force-balanced, most of the wire discs are driven to one side, so when braking, the disc will be deflected inward, so the force is uneven. The brake effect is more or less influential, and the brake loss rate will be far greater than that of the oil disc.

  • Brake strength

This is understandably the braking force, which is mainly determined by the material and size of the brake pads, the size of the brake discs and the size, number of pistons. Metal makes the braking force of the brake pads and stains better than plastic materials, the advantage of plastic is the insulation performance, the larger the disc, the better the braking force, but the disc that is too large is easily scratched. Furthermore, it will put a burden on the front frame and forks. In terms of the best hardtail mountain bike under $1500 having size and number of pistons, it is certain that the larger the size, the more the number, the stronger the braking force, but the volume and weight also increase. 

  • Brake fluid material

Frankly speaking, brake fluid, currently the main brake brands are mainly divided into two groups: DOT and mineral oil. Of course, there are also private brands that use water. DOT has the advantage of high boiling point, but also absorbs moisture inside. The downsides are strong corrosion, severe heat expansion, and need to be replaced regularly. Mountain bikes under 1500 of mineral oil brands are mainly closed structure, most representative is Shimano, followed by Magura, the characteristics of mineral oil in contrast to DOT, it is completely non-corrosive and has good stability. There are no cases of thermal expansion and contraction. Maintenance can basically be used for two or three years, but the problems with low boiling point and not absorbing water are also extremely headache. There is no need to worry about the price, as high-end DOT brake fluid is not much cheaper than mineral oil, so choose which brake type should still be based on actual needs.

3. Wheel set

When purchasing a wheel set, choosing a homemade or finished set of wheels is a hassle. Obviously, the advantage of choosing a finished off-road set is to save time and effort. At the same time, the balance between the rim, the spokes and the Spoke is also balanced. And many big brands do a great job of releasing the pressure on Spoke as well. Homemade wheel sets can perfectly fit your wishes and repair accessories are easier to buy than the finished wheel set. In addition, the following parameters are often ignored by those who pay only attention to the shape and color of the paint.

  • Small wheel mountain bike

With a best mtb under 1500 having wheel sizes between 26 and 27.5 inches, this vehicle has the biggest advantage in terms of weight. Small wheel size, small rim should help reduce the weight of the car. Meanwhile, the lighter the weight, the better for the full suspension mtb under 1500. As a result, vehicle users can easily control and move flexibly. They are more suitable for women than men and people of more modest height.

  • Big wheel mountain bike

With innovative technology in production, high quality materials, many big wheel mountain bikes are also very small in weight used for professional players. Wheel size 28, 29inch allows players to move on complicated mountain roads. Good shock reduction ability, easy to overcome obstacles, move speed.

So what is the best wheel size mountain bike to choose? With the above analysis on the pros and cons of the big wheel and small wheel best hardtail mountain bikes under $1500, you can also imagine the functionality of these two types of vehicles. Accordingly, to choose a car, you need to consider the following issues:

  • Body height

For those with a very modest height, it is possible to choose small, 26-inch bicycles that are the most reasonable. And those with a good height are more comfortable in choosing. Thus, with the average height of the Asians, the 26- or 27.5-inch range of mountain bikes are the best and most suitable choice.

  • The ability to ride mountain bikes

Everyone's cycling ability is different. If you are speedy, adventurous and adventurous, you can accept all types of cars. You can choose the right car to your liking. For those who are new to mountain biking, choose the best mountain bikes under $1500 bike with small wheels and compact size for active control. Choosing a bicycle route is also not risky to choose a mountain slope.

4. Brands & Budget

You should remember, mountain bicycles are a series of vehicles with very high requirements in terms of quality, durability as well as vehicle configuration. If you have fallen in love with and have a passion for mountain biking then it will definitely need a serious investment.

To have a really good companion, you need to make good choices. Brand and price are two factors that you need to consider. In the US market, you can completely trust the products of some well-known brands such as: eAhora, Mongoose, Roadmaster, etc. These are the names that have the standard mountain range sports bicycles, loved by professional racers. 

The price is of course any money. With mountain bikes, it is imperative that you have a worthy investment. But if you know how to choose a good place to sell, just a car priced from $500 or more can be used. Quality, configuration will not need to be discussed, helping you to satisfy your passion.


1. Do you need to wear a helmet when mountain biking on the road?

The answer is of course yes. Wearing a helmet for your own safety is a must. You don't know what will happen when you ride an imported sports bike on the road. Especially in crowded, cramped urban roads, many people passing around and many different obstacles.

2. What do I need MTP insurance for?

Vacation insurance is highly recommended and we confirm that all our guests have mountain accident / rescue insurance. We are often in our homeland and outlying roads, in case of injury, can ask for a helicopter and the bill can easily exceed 4,000 CHF, - Check any policies they cover for accident / emergency recovery for mountain bikes and special vehicles.

3. What is MTB riding really like?

We are surrounded by huge mountains and this offers unlimited variation of trail types. From the Verbier man-made bike park with perfect ridges and slopes to rocky and hard-to-walk trails that can make you hike to trails through the forest. Great rewards for epic horseback riding are views of snow-capped peaks and horse-riding Swiss mountain villages with centuries-old streets and wooden houses.

4. What is the main purpose of mountain bikes?

The purpose of this mountain bike is to be driven on the road by you, to pass and tackle difficult terrain such as rocky surfaces, bumpy surfaces, high slopes. The wishes of the creators of these imported sports bikes are simply as simple as delivering the most enjoyable riding experience to their customers. So the mountain bicycles yearn to get dirty, used, get over the hard stuff, and leave a little mud on the surface as a feat after each traversing difficult terrain.

5. Is mountain biking in city terrain difficult?

Nothing. But of course, this also depends on which mountain bike we are talking about. For example, if you ride and own a bike that specializes in going uphill with more road surface friction, then you will have a bit more trouble than a regular bicycle. So, in this case, the best mountain bikes under $1500 are still the right choice. What you will need to get used to when cycling in urban areas is that the curb is not straight, many cars, potholes, but it will help develop your cycling skills to the next level.

Final Thoughts

The discussion above covers some of the top mountain bikes and products that offer great value for money. Bicycles are manufactured using a variety of materials for a sturdy and reliable construction and each bike offers unique features to its customers.

The most important shared attribute among all the options are the best mountain bikes under $1500. Some people consider mountain bikes an expensive item and these options deliver outstanding quality without costing you money. Likewise, options with multiple gear systems and both hydraulic and mechanical brakes were discussed, with all options generally performing well under extreme conditions.

To sum up, mountain biking is increasingly supported as more and more people realize the benefits of adopting this healthy recreational activity.

David Tom
David Tom
David Tom - An adventurous and adventurous person. It is that passion that helps him connect and create AbikeZ. In an effort to find the perfect off-road bike for you, he bought the most desirable options and tried to drive them to their limits. After work, David enjoys reading, playing the guitar and blogging in his spare time.