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The Best Mountain Bike Helmets for 2021

Our experts have tested and arranged to help you find useful and comprehensive information on the Best Mountain Bike Helmets. Your dream for the Best Mountain Bike Helmets will come true with expert buying guides based on research as well as AI and Big Data. The list brands you can see right now: Giro, O'Neal, POC, PHZ., AGH, JBM international, CHILEAF, MOKFIRE, PTSOC, BELL, Basecamp, Troy Lee Designs.

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    Troy Lee Designs
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    Troy Lee Designs
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    Artificial intelligence (AI) is known to be an industry in the field of computer science. This is a technology that simulates complex human processes for machines, especially computer systems. These processes consist of learning, reasoning, and self-correcting. AI can make its own decisions without pre-programming. AI includes two main types (Artificial Intelligence) and ABI (Artificial Biological Intelligence).

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    Artificial intelligence (AI) is known to be an industry in the field of computer science. This is a technology that simulates complex human processes for machines, especially computer systems. These processes consist of learning, reasoning, and self-correcting. AI can make its own decisions without pre-programming. AI includes two main types (Artificial Intelligence) and ABI (Artificial Biological Intelligence).

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Since the invention of mountain bikes it has gradually become a better means of transportation and entertainment for the people, especially after cycling has become a competitive sport event, people liked it better. But as a fast-paced sport, safety when riding a sports bike will become an important issue. Therefore, a helmet is an indispensable thing to help cyclists keep themselves safe.

With the advent of a series of biking helmets, this makes users feel confused because they do not know which ones are suitable and of good quality at a reasonable price. This is also the main goal of the article below, we are here to introduce you to the best biking helmets.

Buying Guides

Basically the shell of a helmet is composed of the following 3 main materials:

Carbon fiber, Glass fiber, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

1. Carbon fiber 

Carbon fiber is considered as a "luxury" material that is often used only for "aristocratic" industries such as spacecraft production. Carbon has the properties of hardness, durability, and excellent force resistance. They are usually light in weight, with little chemical effect. In addition, it is also heat resistant and less elastic if changes in temperature.

Therefore, the helmets with the shell made of carbon fiber will be the most advanced in the popular helmets.

2. Glass fiber

This material is simply spinning glass, braided into large yarn and woven into sheets. Glass fiber has the properties of almost carbon fiber, its bearing capacity is also great but less than carbon fiber, and it weighs a bit, so the price is also cheaper. However, fiberglass caps are also classified as premium.

3. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Has good impact resistance, effective wear resistance and is also very tough

Light weight, both used in the manufacture of tools for daily life, sports and medical care.

The quality of use is good, along with the price of products made from ABS plastic is also quite cheap

Best biking helmet

The appearance of a sport bike helmet not only helps to ensure the safety of the rider, but also improves the performance of the athletic cyclist. As early as the 1880s, some of the first imported sport bike cycling clubs discovered the benefits of using helmets, Then with the rise of calf roads hard plastic cardboard and rocky roads, the number of head injuries during sports cycling increased, and a helmet was created.

Today there are countless famous helmet brands with biking helmets, such as AGV, Shark or Giro, they are all "big bosses" in the Helmet production. And most importantly, shoppers need to know the information about the product they want to buy. That is why we are here to help you choose the best biking helmets for yourself.

Bike helmets aren't the same polystyrene buckets they used to be. They've since become so specialized that the helmet one might use for commuting differs greatly from what they might grab for a road bike ride — and that's a good thing. Now, anyone can leverage that variety and specialization to find a helmet suited perfectly to their needs and ride style.

1. Best bike helmet overall

The POC Octal X Spin is well comfortable, and offers increased visibility and safety options that profit cyclists and commuters alike.

Pros: light-weight, well oxygenated, extremely visible, increased coverage and SPIN system for higher protection

Cons: Some riders could have to be compelled to examine from the non-SPIN models, the looks won't attractiveness to everybody, POC's crash replacement policy isn't as generous as some brands, expensive

Whether I am riding 100 miles on the road or 5 miles to the retailers, The POC Octal X Spin is the helmet I choose for ninetieth of my riding. POC is comparatively unaccustomed to the athletics business, however its specialise in safety, at the side of a clearly Scandinavian aesthetic, won the complete a loyal following.

To make The POC Octal X Spin took its fashionable road athletics helmet, the Octal, and gave it a number of tweaks to form it equally appropriate for path use. at the side of a shell that totally covers the liner — a typical feature of cross-country helmets — POC additional SPIN technology. SPIN, that stands for cutting off Pads within, is meant to safeguard against oblique impacts — one thing several customary helmets do not move.

While CPSC laws do not need protection against these impacts, POC offers SPIN technical school to folks that need protection higher than and on the far side the legal minimum. The most performance of a helmet is to protect your brain, thus POC created this as its main point for The POC Octal X Spin  

Safety may well be a decent reason to choose The POC Octal X Spin, however you will not be frustrated in terms of performance either.

The POC Octal X Spin covers a lot of the rear and sides of a wearer's head compared to a standard road helmet. This makes the positional representation system a safer alternative, particularly for riding cross-country wherever low-speed falls and hits to completely different components of the pinnacle square measure seemingly.

Despite its larger size, the positional representation system does not feel serious in use, and therefore the scales make sure it weighs in at a awfully competitive 267 grams for medium. The larger footprint did not appear to impact ventilation, either. Even on slow climbs, the helmet provides ample flow of air.

2. Best budget bike helmet

The Berne FL1 Trail combines the styling of helmets 5 times its worth with nice discharge associated with an adjustable fit, a performance that belies its unimaginable worth.

Pros: nice worth, extremely ventilated and adjustable, appearance and weight on par with prime brands

Cons: Sits a touch high on the top, visor isn't adjustable

It might appear harmful to throw many greenbacks on one thing designed to interrupt. Luckily, all helmets approved to be used within America ought to pass identical tests, that means that whereas cheaper helmets may weigh additional or supply less discharge, they will shield you only the maximum amount as their higher-end counterparts.

With The Berne FL1 Trail, the compromise square measures borderline. Berne uses identical in-mold eighteen vent construction as its prime of the road helmets however manages to save lots of cash by employing a non-brand-name adjustment dial on the rear closure mechanism.

The helmet additionally offers a visor to shield from rain, sun, and trailside vegetation. It does not feel that abundant totally different in use to costlier helmets due to its light-weight weight of simply 271 grams, at the side of lots of discharge.

3. Best racing bike helmet

Giro's Aether may be a slimline helmet that does not compromise on breathability, aeromechanics, or safety, creating it an excellent alternative for racers.

Pros: one amongst the safest helmets on the market, light-weight and mechanics, comes in an exceedingly sort of colours to match your bike or kit

Cons: The Aether is dear, however you merely get one brain, this is often additional of a road vogue helmet and cross-country riders can got to watch for bicycle applicable model

Giro's long been substitutable with the very best level of performance in bike sport. Its helmets have won bike races in exactly regarding each class, conjointly the} complete has habitually innovated not simply performance however also safety.

Two of the largest trends in cycle helmets are aeromechanics and multiple impact protection (MIPS) — every of that driven by Giro. till recently, however, each needed compromises leading to racers typically owning many helmets. Giro's mechanics models were quick on the flat however attended be serious and poorly ventilated, creating them a foul alternative for hill climbs.

Giro's Aether may be a no-compromises sport helmet. rather than inserting the unit layer by a rider's head, Giro sandwiched it between EPS foam layers, leading to a lighter and mechanics helmet. Eleven vents create the helmet just about disappearing on climbs, too.

Of course, Giro's Aether's best profit is one no one desires to check. Impact protection with the unit spherical system is healthier than ever before and currently the helmet's work and ventilation square measure uncompromised which means that, ought to the worst happen, you will always be the most effective protected.

A new Spherical unit system is made into the helmet and provides additional impact protection and fewer inconveniences. The adjustable Roc-Loc five work system conjointly implies that the helmet retains its work.

4. Best portable bike helmet

The Loop uses a novel style to cut back its size by nearly five hundredth, creating it good for stashing in your bag once you are not riding.

Pros: Collapses to a smaller size, portable, simple to travel with, protecting style, simple to use, nice for bike share fans

Cons: Not as sturdy as some higher-quality models

Most people World Health Organization ride bike share bikes do therefore while not helmets — it is sensible, too. it isn't simple to hold around a full-sized helmet on the off probability you choose to rent a motorbike. This is often wherever The Loop comes in.

It's as safe and cozy as a daily helmet however once folded, it takes up simply 0.5 the area in your bag. If you utilize bike share bikes often or as a part of a daily commute, the Loop can quickly become one thing you ne'er leave home while not.

When in use, the Loop acts like every alternative bike helmet, complete with ventilation associate degreed an adjustable elastic work strap. It passed an equivalent set of rigorous tests that confirm its ability to forestall brain injury within the event of a crash or fall as the other helmet, too.

The Loop locks in its distended position reliably and ne'er folded throughout our testing. The hidden air vents and elastic strap make a cushty work and it comes in 2 sizes and 4 colours, which means there ought to be a dance band for everybody.

The best facet of The Loop is however it behaves once not in use. rather than requiring a special tie-down on the skin of your backpack or hanging awkwardly off your courier bag, the Loop collapses into itself and might be stashed during a bag, drawer, or desk.

At solely 330 grams, the Loop is lightweight, too. If you utilize bike share systems or electrical scooters on a daily basis, or will borrow a motorbike whereas traveling, this is often an incredible difference to riding helmetless. At $80, it is also inexpensive thanks to keeping safe as you create your manner around the city.

5. Best bike helmet for commuters

The Chapter from Thousand comes with AN bondable 50-lumen rear that is capable of running for up to one-hour of solid lightweight or 2 hours of blinking light.

Pros: Comes with a 50-lumen rear lamp that magnetically affixes to the rear of the helmet or will attach to your bike, fashionable style, options unit technology, simple to use clasp system

Cons: lightweight provides only 1 hour of battery lifetime of solid lightweight (though it will offer 2 hours of a blinking light)

If you bike frequently, likelihood is you discover yourself riding in low lightweight (or even night) conditions very often. Riding with a lightweight connected to your bike may be a common observation however having a lightweight glued to your helmet helps dramatically improve your visibility. tho' additional helmets square measure getting down to come back commonplace with lightweight practicality, our favourite is that the Chapter from Thousand.

The Chapter comes with a 50-lumen rear rear lamp that attaches magnetically to the rear, of which might even be glued to your bike via AN enclosed adapter. totally charged,the lightweight stays on for up to AN hour in solid light mode, and up to 2 hours whereas blinking. The flexibility to pop on or off the rear lamp offers the helmet nice skillfulness for the everyday rider, because it does not force you to lug it around on every occasion you bestride your bike.

Other options embrace atiny low visor designed to boost your field of vision, Thousand's signature PopLock that enables you to connect it to your bike via your bike lock, ANd an easy-to-use magnetic clasp system for straightforward on and off. It additionally has a unit designed into the helmet for added safety against impacts.

6. Best high visibility bike helmet 

The Lumos fits and seems like a daily helmet, however its host of hi-tech options build it a good choice for anyone UN agency rides within the dark.

Pros: extremely visible and noticeable to drivers, wireless controls allow you to signal turns while not taking your hands off the bars, easy setup, and an honest work

Cons: Proprietary charger, heavier than a typical helmet, lacks the adjustability of high-end helmets

For half the year, I ride home from the jet black. I build each effort to light-weight myself up, sort of a Christmas tree with each flashing and steady rear and front lights, moreover as reflective wear. It wasn't till i attempted the Lumos helmet that i noticed drivers knowing wherever i used to be is just a part of the security equation. To be actually safe, they additionally ought to apprehend wherever I am going.

When it's too dark for drivers to examine hand signals indicating a modification in direction, the Lumos uses AN automatic rear red light to signal braking and a handlebar-mounted signal to point changes in direction. a bit like a automotive, the Lumos provides you red brake lights and orange flip signals.

The Lumos helmet additionally includes white diode lights on the front and red LEDs on the rear, which means you are visible even once not braking or turning. Once combined with a wise outfit and bike lights, the Lumos very will desire the safest thanks to get range in the dark.

While the Lumos helmet would possibly lack the adjustability of actually high-end road helmets, it's designed a lot with commutes in mind and is not probably to examine abundant use in 100-mile road races.

Overall,The Lumos isn't a replacement for lights however it's a good addition to the security toolkit of any cycle commuter. If you are riding range in the dark, this helmet very stands out as a good alternative for safety and visibility.


1. How to choose the helmet size?

When choosing a bike helmet, good fit is vital because an ill-fitting lid can actually compromise effectiveness in a crash. And you’ll be wearing it for every mile of every ride, so you want it to fit comfortably.

To find the right size bike helmet, start by measuring your head circumference because helmet sizing is based on that.

To find your head circumference, wrap a flexible tape measure around the largest portion of your head—about one inch above your eyebrows. Or, wrap a string around your head, then measure the length of string with a yardstick. Bike helmet sizing parameters:

  • Extra small: below 20" (51cm)
  • Small: 20"–21.75" (51cm–55cm)
  • Medium: 21.75"–23.25" (55cm–59cm)
  • Large: 23.25"–24.75" (59cm–63cm)
  • Extra large: above 24.75" (63cm)
  • One size fits all: has a highly adjustable fit system

2. How to do helmet care ?

Avoid exploitation of chemical solvents to scrub a helmet. makers suggest solely the employment of a soft fabric or sponge, and gentle soap and water. Removable pads are also washed.

Do not store a helmet in an attic, garage, car trunk or other area where heat can accumulate. Excessive heat may cause bubbles to form on helmet parts. Do not wear a heat-damaged helmet.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate choice for the best biking helmet is none other thanThe POC Octal X Spin. If you need another biking helmet that's cheaper but still has some great functions then The Berne FL1 Trail is the best choice for you. 

Below we will summarize all the models mentioned above so that you will have a better overview of the product that we introduce. From there choose the best biking helmet that is right for you

And that concludes what we’ve got to say about the best biking helmet. We hope that this article can help you navigate through the selecting process. Don’t forget to tell us which ones  are your favorite!

David Tom
David Tom
David Tom - An adventurous and adventurous person. It is that passion that helps him connect and create AbikeZ. In an effort to find the perfect off-road bike for you, he bought the most desirable options and tried to drive them to their limits. After work, David enjoys reading, playing the guitar and blogging in his spare time.